Trade Deadline…

This weekend was a fun one to be a Detroit Tigers fan. They swept the Chicago White Sox who came into town with a 1.5 game lead and left trailing by 1.5 games. Miguel Cabrera hit a 457 foot homerun for his 300th career dinger too today. I myself, have enjoyed it on a different level. I got to meet in person at the local mall near me both Miguel Cabrera and Austin Jackson and have each of them autograph a jersey. Fantastic times and hopefully more of that to come soon. Now onto business. The trade deadline is coming up real quick and even though the Tigers are playing real well right now, doesn’t mean they can’t get better.

Most of the rumors going around is that the Tigers are looking firstmost for a starting pitcher. Many pitchers names have been thrown around including Ryan Dempster. Other player names are Marco Scutaro and other second basemen. My honest opinion is that there is no need to get a starting pitcher as the rotation we have now is just fine.  JV has been JV, and Max Scherzer has really started to come in his own as of lately. Throw in that Fister is finally healthy this season and Porcello has been good, but not great. Porcello still seems to have a rough outing here and there, but seems to be having more quality starts than early exits this season.  Drew Smyly has been real good for a rookie when he can stay on the field. The starters have been able to throw at least 6 innings and have quality starts almost every game. Which then makes Leyland use the bullpen when he wants and not when it is needed. Also with Jacob Turner getting a couple starts right now, there are technically 6 starting pitchers. Plus if we trade for another starting pitcher now, then another starter would have to go eventually to make room for Turner when the organization feels he is ready for the Bigs permanently.

My theory is at this point of the season is that not a single player on the team is 100%. The long season and grind is too much for anyone to go all season feeling perfect. So this injury for Smyly I feel is merely minor and something that he could pitch through with no problem. I see this as a ploy to limit his innings as the Tigers already said they were going to do and give Jacob Turner a few starts before July 31st to see if maybe he is ready now for the Major Leagues. If so we could see someone, possibly Porcello traded off for bullpen help or that right handed second basemen the Tigers badly need. Let’s face it, room has to be made sometime for Turner. So the Tigers need to determine if now is a good time and could possibly afford to take lumps from Turner in order to pick up a bat for a run for the playoffs this year. We could find out that Turner still needs more time (I deffinently think so) and the team is better off waiting until the off-season to look at their options, or try trading away some of those AAAA pitchers in Toledo for that extra bat. That is my best advice, is to try and package Adam Wilk, Casey Crosby, and Andy Oliver for any trades this year. The team is starting to really gel together and play extremely well. Alot like what they did at this VERY exact same time last year and went on to go to the ALCS.

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