All-Star Break Grades

Tonight is the All-Star game and I figured I would follow along like most Detroit Tiger columns and post my grades for each player and as the team as a whole so far after 86 games. First of all if you didn’t know the Tigers are only 1 game behind last year’s pace (2012: 44-42, 2011: 45-41) as far as team record goes. So anything can happen. They are starting to click a little and the offense really has picked up recently. But onto the grades.

Starting Line-Up:

1) Austin Jackson: A+ – This has been the breakout season we all have been waiting for. If he keeps this up we may see him move into a spot in the line-up to really put up more production as noted in a previous post.

2) Quintin Berry: B – I know he has been a huge surprise, but he has holes. One, he can easily be over powered by anyone with a fastball 93mph or higher. And second, he may always put himself to catch anyball put in play, but he doesn’t always catch it. One thing for it to go off the end of the mitt, but not the palm of it. If he catches more and starts to catch up to some heat, he gets a better rating.

3) Miguel Cabrera: A – Not an A+ rating, but this is more because…………..he is doing exactly what he does every season. His production is up from last season, but more along the line when he hit 38HR and had 126 RBI’s just a couple seasons ago. He should of been the starting 3rd baseman at the All-Star game, NEXT!

4) Prince Fielder: A- – His HR & RBI numbers could be better, but he is starting to heat up. Notorious of being better in the second half every season. So lets just wait and watch and hopefully enjoy.

5) Delmon Young: C+ – Homering in 4 straight games saved him from getting a C grade. He has the potential to be more dangerous and more consistant than what he has done so far.

6) Brennan Boesch: D+ – Not injured, just straight up slumping all year. Has shown flashes of 2011 a week here and there, but nothing substantial. Needs to shorten swing and stop thinking so much like his name is Brandon Inge at the plate.

7) Jhonny Peralta: C- – All numbers across the board are sub-par for career numbers for Jhonny. Not going to compare to last season as that is unfair. The glove (more so arm accuracy) has been shaky at times too.

8) Alex Avila: D+ – Still showing his knee(s) never fully healed from the abuse from last season. Has swung with more confidense since getting good news from his last MRI, but I don’t think he will recover to save this season.

9) Ramon Santiago: C – Defense has been a bit sloppy at times, maybe even losing a step or two. The bat could be better, not going to ask for anything above .270, just better than .230 like right now.


Overall: C+ – The offense ranks in the middle of most categories, but should be top 5 or even top 3 with the line-up they have. It needs to continue the improvements of recent if they want to get back to the playoffs.


Starting Rotation:

1) Justin Verlander: A – Again like Caberea, he isn’t getting an A+ simply because he is doing exactly what we all thought he would do. Glad to see he gets the starting nod in the All-Star game tonight. My Verlander jersey will be on during his time on the mound.

2) Max Scherzer: C+ – Most numbers are up this year, including innings pitched, wins, strikeouts. But so is his ERA. Early inconsistency on the season shows in this grade. I expected he would do well, just an ERA closer to 4.00, not 5.00.

3) Doug Fister: D – I thought Doug would join up with JV to be like a Yin-Yang combo, but injuries have derailed that. Lets hope for a great second half.

4) Rick Porcello: C+ – New year, same problem. Inconsistent. Done.

5) Drew Smyly: B+ – This grade is more concieved from what to expect from a rookie, not completely based off of stats. Verry happy to see that 10 strikeout performance in person, but it was the Royals, lol. Not including his stint on the DL and the Tigers haven’t had to worry if Drew could not just win, but keep that 5th spot. Also with that 15 day break it helped Detroit’s plan on his inning limits for the season.

Pitching performance overall: B- – This is the combination of both the starting rotation and bullpen. Valverde has been disapointing, but Benoit, Villarreal, and Below have more than made up for it. Coke could be doing better, but at times has eaten up alot of innings.


My next post will be my Q & A with the Detroit Tigers 2012 3rd round pick Austin Schotts. I have submitted 5 questions to him on Twitter to answer and will post them along with his answers within the next week or two. Very excited with what he has done so far.

Austin Schotts stat line: 16 games, 26/61 (.426 Ave.), 5 doubles, 1 triple, 1 homerun, 12 RBI’s, 8 stolen bases, .478 OBP, .590 Slugging Percentage, 1.068 OBPS

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