What to do with Berry once the team gets healthy.

So, what to do with Quintin Berry once we get everyone back from the DL (Avila & Dirks). Do you play the hot hand and give Berry more starts, perhaps even being a regular? Or do you continue to play Boesch and D.Young since they have more major league experience? At this point of the season, I would go with whoever is the hot hand and right now that is Quintin Berry. After today’s 5 for 5 performance he is batting .333 and is 9 for 9 in SB’s in his short time with the big team. I don’t think Leyland can afford to keep letting players who are underperforming to keep playing as much as they do. Plus Quintin most deffinently brings a whole new dimension to the team in terms of speed, athletisicm, and defense. Imagine Jackson in his usual spot in CF, Dirks back in LF and Berry in RF then. That is a very fast outfield who can get to practically anything hit into the outfield saving bloop hits. Plus the speed can overcome some lack of arm strength simply by getting the ball back to the infield quicker.

The other thing then is what spot in the lineup would Berry go with Austin Jackson holding down the leadoff spot and Andy Dirks possibly going back to the second spot once he is healthy. Do you move Dirks? AJax? or simply move Berry to last in the lineup. I have an interesting idea. With Austin now showing patience at the plate and showing some power would a move to the 5th spot in the lineup be the next move and let Berry take over the leadoff spot? I know that means the team would leadoff with 2 lefties, but maybe have 1 lineup for righties, and one for lefties. So here are my 2 proposed lineups then.


1) Berry – RF

2) Dirks – LF

3) Cabrera – 3B

4) Fielder – 1B

5) Jackson – CF

6) D.Young/Boesch – DH

7) Peralta – SS

8) Avila – C

9) Santiago – 2B



1) Jackson – CF

2) Dirks – LF

3) Cabrera – 3B

4) Fielder – 1B

5) D.Young/Boesch – DH

6) Peralta – SS

7) Avila – C

8) Santiago – 2B

9) Berry – RF


Leyland can play with whoever is DH’ing and playing the outfield giving some players a rest on the field, but keep the bat in the lineup. Berry should get the start 5 out of every 6 games. This allows everyone to stay fresh and you have your best bats and better defenders on the field and we should see a resurgence in the offense we all have been waiting for. Berry can wreak havoc on the basepaths distracting the pitcher to leave the ball over the plate for anyone following Berry once he gets on. He has been striking out alot, but you can’t ignore someone who gets a hit once every 3 at-bats.


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