Predicting the Standings, Wild Card Teams, and Playoffs

Here is my prediction of the team standings, wild card teams and playoffs for the 2012 Major League baseball season:

AL East:

1) Tampa Bay

2) New York

3) Boston

4) Toronto

5) Baltimore


Al Central:

1) Detroit

2) Kansas City

3) Chicago

4) Minnesota

5) Cleveland


AL West:

1) Los Angeles

2) Texas

3) Seattle

4) Oakland


NL East:

1) New York

2) Florida

3) Philadelphia

4) Atlanta

5) Washington


NL Central:

1) St.Louis

2) Cincinatti

3) Milwaukee

4) Chicago

5) Houston

6) Pittsburgh


NL West:

1) Los Angeles

2) Arizona

3) San Francisco

4) San Diego


AL Wild Card: Texas over New York

ALDS: Detroit over Tampa Bay, Los Angeles over Texas

ALCS: Los Angeles over Detroit


NL Wild Card: Florida over Arizona

NLDS: Los Angeles over Florida, New York over St.Louis

NLCS: Los Angeles over New York


World Series: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim over Los Angeles Dodgers in 5 games.

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